Solenoids, shutters

RSR14-20 - CT2

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Travel Angle : 90˚
Voltage : 8.9VDC
Inductance(φ:0˚) : 7.3mH
DC resistance(@20˚C) : 20Ω

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Travel angle Up to 90˚
Voltage 8.9 VDC
DC resistance(@20˚C) 20Ω
Inductance(φ=0˚) 7.3mH
Time constant
of temperature rise
9 minutes
Heat resistance class Class E (120˚C)
Insulation resistance DC 500V MEGA, Over 100MΩ
Dielectric strength AC 1000V, 50/60Hz, 1minute
Rotor inertia 6.2g-cm²
Mass 135g

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